I like to pretend I'm a musician in my spare time. Here's some of the stuff I've written.
Not all of it's complete, but most of it's finished. (I'm not going back to it.)

The names were fairly arbitrary, so there's no deep signifigance. I hate naming things.
These are arranged roughly in reverse chronological order, so you can watch my names deteriorate until I finally gave up.

I have no idea why I called this "Asian". I think I was planning on writing something pentatonic when I created the file, and then it didn't work out that way.

Ambient Song.mp3

No Title.mp3 NoTitle.mid
This is a song I wrote for piano a long time ago and transcribed onto the computer. I think I intended to write words at one point, but never got around to it.

Cool Listenin.mp3 Cool Listenin.mid
My experiment with drum tracks.
FluteThing.mp3 FluteThing.mid
The mp3 version of this uses some weird electronic piano and sounds like a clown song. The midi (at least on my computer) plays much better.

JubilantSong.mp3 JubilantSong.mid
Imperial Theme.mp3 Imperial Theme.mid
Nightwalk.mp3 Nightwalk.mid
These are all vaguely RPG-sounding.

Shining Light of the River.mp3 Shining Light of the River.mid
This is an arrangement of the "Chinese Theme" from the original Civilization game.

This is an arrangement of the "Mongol Theme" from the original Civilization game.
(The game had quite an impact on my musical culture apparently.)

Ode To the Nameless.mp3 Ode To the Nameless.mid
If you listen carefully, I used a 2 bar motif from Stargate without realizing it at the time.

AP Music Theory:
This is stuff I wrote for my AP Music Theory class in high school.

This was supposed to be an exercise in "emotional expression," and the scenario I picked was something like "having to take a Physics quiz."
At the end I kind of I went for an "order from chaos" idea, but really I just wanted to write a round.

Song with 3 Parts.mp3
First Borrowed Dominant Melody.mp3
Second Borrowed Dominant Melody-Alternate.mp3
Second Borrowed Dominant Melody-Expanded.mp3


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